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Chief's palace converted into health centre as government project is abandoned

The lack of health care Centre at Akim Edubease in the Akyemansa District of the Eastern Region, has compelled the chief of the area to convert part of its palace into a health facility.

This decision of the traditional ruler follows the abandonment of a seven-year uncompleted project.

The chief of the area, Osabarima Owusu Agyekum lll, in an interview with Francis Armah of Angel News said, he took the decision following consultations with his elders, after they had realised the community was in dire need of a space to serve as a healthcare center.

“When I returned from my travels, I noticed that the iron sheets and woods used to roof the building was in a rotten condition so I voluntarily donated money and changed the whole thing. But the only thing left is plastering the structure as well as equipping the facility to make it ready for use.

“So, we the (chief and elders) handed over the ground floor of my palace to the health workers to use it in the interim,” he told the reporter.

Osabarima Owusu Agyekum lll therefore called on the government to come to their assistance for the completion of the abandoned facility to enhance quality Healthcare delivery in the district.

Juliana Ayeh, a resident of the area who expressed concern over the situation said, they are forced to seek medical attention at Akim Ayirebi during emergency cases, something she described as “worrying”.

Another resident whose name is unknown said, pregnant women had to travel long distances, particularly, to Akim Oda for antenatal care and other services.
Source: angelonline.com.gh
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