General News Sun, 23 Oct 2016

Chinese seeks support to recover $500,000 from botched mining business

Huang Shouneng


A Chinese businessman is seeking security protection over alleged threats to him and others colleagues at Antoakrom in Amansie West of Ashanti.

Huang Shouneng also wants Ghana and China Chambers of Commerce to assist him to recover his $500, 000 of what he described as wasted investment.

He is accusing the Antoakromhene, Nana Okyere Darko Ampem II, of leading a local syndicate to reportedly to run down his business.

Mr Shouneng said he entered an agreement Antoakromhene for the release of lands for a small scale mining business with the chief being a partner.

He accused the chief of scheming and with his cronies to stifle a business partnership between them.

The disgruntled Chinese said Nana Darko hid behind the National Anti-Galamsey Taskforce to dupe him of a huge sum of foreign currency adding some fake military officers were sent by his business partner to harass and intimidate him.


Mr Shouneng who spoke through an interpreter says he feels cheated by the chief after losing an excavator in that regard.

"It got to a point that people dressed in military clothing will just come around, capture us and take us to the middle of the bush and try to intimidate or torture us.

“I think it’s because I am a foreigner because this chief knows I can’t speak good English and I can’t speak the local dialect. So I can’t even go to the police station and make my demands known to them,” he said.

Nana Ampem Darko, however, denies all the allegations and rather accused Mr Shouneng of failing to honour his part of the agreement.

His spokesperson, Nana Aduse Opoku who is also Nkosuohene of Antoakrom said the seized excavator is being kept at a security zone outside the police station which is to be released to Mr Shouneng when he pays GH¢26,000; being Nana Darko's share of the business proceeds.

Source: Myjoyonline.com