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Chronology of Radio XYZ’s FM Frequency authorisation from 1995 to 2019

9th May, 2011

XYZ Broadcasting Limited, Radio XYZ (The Company) was granted Authorisation to operate a commercial FM Station in Accra on the frequency of 93.1MHz.

8th May, 2016

The Company’s Authorisation EXPIRED but Company did not submit renewal application prior to its expiry.

21st June, 2017

The NCA issued a Notice of Suspension to the company for its failure to submit a complete set of documents to renew its Authorisation prior to its expiry. The company was informed that their station will be closed down after 30 days.

5th July, 2017

The company submitted a letter applying for renewal of Authorisation with NCA Form AP04 attached.

31st July, 2017

The Company submitted a complete renewal application but did not pay application fee of GHS3,850.00.

26th September, 2017

The company was fined GH?4,090,000.00 as penalty for failure to submit complete renewal application for a total of 409 days for the period 8th May, 2016 to 21st June, 2017.

23rd October, 2017

The NCA wrote to company granting a 50% reprieve on the fine as approved by Minister of Communications. The Company was requested to pay fine of GH?2,045,000.00 within 30 days, failing which station will be closed down.

21st November, 2017

The Company filed a lawsuit against the Authority’s imposition of fine at the Electronic Communications Tribunal (ECT) in Suit No. GJ 1701/17 (XYZ Company Ltd v National Communications Authority).

11th December, 2017

The NCA acknowledged the letter from the company’s lawyers informing them their submissions are being reviewed.

21st December, 2017

The NCA wrote to company granting amnesty on the sanctions imposed on them. The company was requested to pay reduced fine of GH3,650,000.00 for an infraction period of 365 days and daily fine of GH?10,000.00 based on the company’s classification as an Urban Type 1 station.

8th January, 2018

The Company responded to the Authority’s grant of Amnesty indicating that they are deferring comment of the issues since they had filed a lawsuit against the Authority’s decisions in Suit No. GJ 1701/17 (XYZ) Company Ltd v National Communications Authority) at the ECT.

18th June, 2018

The Electronic Communications Tribunal (ECT) gave its ruling in the case of GIBA (suing for and on behalf of Radio XYZ and 8 others). The ECT quashed the penalties imposed on the company, however the ECT stated that a former holder of a Frequency Authorisation reverts to the same position as a fresh applicant when the Authorisation expires and as such Radio XYZ does not have a valid Authorisation to operate an FM Radio station.

18th July, 2018

The Company filed a Notice of Discontinuance notifying the ECT and The NCA that it had discontinued the suite against the NCA.

8th May, 2019

The NCA issued a letter to the company directing them to cease operations since they did not have a valid Authorisation.

9th May, 2019

operations since they did not have a valid Authorisation.

The company was closed down for operating without a valid Authorisation.

Source: NCA
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