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Claims police are killing cattle of Fulanis in Drobonso untrue - DCE

Fulani21.png The DCE has challenged the Fulani to show evidence of their claim

Sat, 20 Nov 2021 Source:

Activities of Fulani herdsmen continue to be of great concern to many

Trespassing cattle are sometimes killed

Police at Sekyere Afram Plains have been accused of killing cattle

Claims that police from the Sekyere Afram Plains District have been killing cattle being cared for by Fulani herdsmen in Droboso are false, the Asante Akyem North District Chief Executive (DCE), Francis Oti Boateng, has stated.

“The [police] commander is working within the boundaries of Asante Akyem North, so if they have anything contrary to that, they have to prove it, because the commander is working in his district,” he said, reports

The DCE has also dared the Fulani herdsmen to provide evidence of their claims while also accusing some of the herdsmen of threatening other residents in the area amid moves to stop cattle from destroying farms in the district, the report added.

“In this era, you cannot say you are rearing animals on a free-range… We are not going to relent on our efforts. We are still going to flush out the cattle and herdsmen from the land,” he added.

However, in an earlier attribution to him, Francis Boateng, who is also the head of the District Security Council in the area, is said to have admitted that some cattle were killed for having trespassed.

“Recently, a lady complained that a considerable number of these cattle trespassed her plantain farm. We have no problem with them rearing cattle, but then we are into mechanised farming and whenever these cattle trespass we will kill them,” he earlier said.

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