General News Tue, 5 May 2020

Coronavirus: Gold Coast Matcom support fight with donations to organizations

In support of national efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic, food and beverage distribution firm, Gold Coast Matcom has made donations to a number of organizations.

The company has in separate donations, giving out items worth GHC150,000 to the Rebecca Foundation, Gender Ministry, Ghana police service, Vim foundation, Ga East municipal hospital and Royal Seed Orphanage

Vim Foundation

The foundation owned by ace broadcaster, Afia Pokua is one of the organizations that has benefited from the charitable works of Gold Coasts Matcom.

On April 28, Matcom presented items worth GHC30,000 to the foundation.

The items include 250 litres of Talia Sunflower oil, 250kg of Nutella chocolate spread, 1080 packs of Dimes juice and 200 bottles of Incolac.

Presenting the items, Michael Sorsey of Matcom said their gesture is to enable the foundation meet the nutritional needs of the less-privileged in these difficult times.

“We are giving these items to support the course of feeding the less-privileged in this tough time. We ask that everyone stays safe by following the precaution orders”, he said.

The founder of the Vim Foundation, Afia Pokua was grateful to the company and promised to use the items for the intended course.

Donation to Ga East Hospital

Products estimated to be GHC13,000 were given to the Ga East Municipal by the company on April 18 to motivate the nurses, doctors and other practitioners who are sacrificing everything to save lives.

Items include 1320 pots of Pascual dessert, 85kgs of Nutella chocolate spread, 810 packs of Dimes juice, 200 bottles of Incolac milk drink and 80kgs Lesieur mayonnaise.

Reverend Samuel Obeng Mensah, the Principal Health Service administrator for the hospital who received the items on behalf of the hospital expressed excitement at the donations and also asked that Ghanaians heed to the health protocols given to ensure our safety.

Royal Seed Foundation

Staff of the company also visited the Royal Seed Orphanage in Kasoa to assist them with some products.

The items handed out to the orphanage which were worth GHC14,000 include 1320 pots of Pascual desserts, 80kgs of Nutella chocolate drink, 420 packs of Kinder Joy Choloate, 200 bottles of Incolac milk drink and 80kgs of Lesieur mayonnaise.

Co-founder of the foundation, Reverend Sylvester Arku Cudjoe described the donation as 'unexpected and handy".

Source: Dickson Boadi, Contributor