Corruption can render police visibility campaign useless – Security Expert

Fri, 8 Oct 2021 Source: happyghana.com

Security Expert, Adib Saani, has complained bitterly about some members of the Ghana Police Service involved in improper work ethics.

He made this assertion on Happy Morning Show aired on e.TV Ghana and Happy 98.9FM with Samuel Eshun

He lamented how some police officers are taking advantage of their visibility and crime-fighting campaign, to take advantage of the civilian population.

“If you take advantage of some of these emergency operations and extort money from the people, you’ll not just succeed in losing the value of this exercise but you’ll end up creating more mistrust and lack of confidence in the police service by the general population,” he said.

Asked if the police personnel resort to this behaviour because they are not paid well, he said, “Ghana police personnel are paid well but a corrupt human will always be a corrupt human. Even within the systems, the little one cedis or two cedis you’ll get, he’ll want to take that from you. That should tell you the level of greed embedded in some people, so no matter what you’ve paid if you’re corrupt you’ll always be corrupt.”

According to him, officials of the Ghana Police Service should ensure there are adequate control mechanisms to get the police to act in a professional manner so that in an attempt to solve a problem, they wouldn’t be creating new problems.

This is because in the midst of all this they need the people to part of the process in controlling the crime rates in the country.

A lot of people in the general population have lost trust in the police service as they think that the police is not capacitated enough to address the menace of crime rates in the country.

The police is perceived as perpetrators of crime instead of crime fighters.

Source: happyghana.com
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