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Costa Rican Vice President, Epsy Campbell Barr, reveals her African identity

I am a daughter of Africa, Epsy Barr declares

Family DNA test of Costa Rican vice president shows she's of Ghanaian descent

We're able to return, Costa Rican vice president advocates

The Vice President of Costa Rica, Epsy Campbell Barr, has disclosed what her African identity is.

Speaking to a gathering in Accra whilst visiting Ghana during a Return Mission that is targeted at Africans living in the diaspora, she explained that her family DNA tests proved to her that she is truly an African.

This, she added, is because her results showed that she was from multiple African countries, including Ghana; a discovery that has made her very happy.

“I’m a descendant and daughter of Africa, specifically from Nigeria, Mali, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast, and Ghana, and I also have in my blood the imprint of Cameroon, Congo and the Bantu people of the West. This is what my family DNA analysis provided and that’s why I say with all authority that I’m proud that I’m here, that I’m a daughter of Africa,” she said.

Epsy Campbell Barr also sent a word out to other disaporans that they can return home and enjoy the beauty of their heritage.

“Today, I speak to you from the bottom of my heart, to say with strength to the generation of African people who were violently taken away from their families, their communities, their tribes, their histories, that we’re able to return,” she said.

Watch her speak about it here:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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