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Department of Urban Roads calls for demolishing of Ablekuma North Municipal Assembly building

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications and the Department of Urban Roads have asked the Ablekuma North Municipal Assembly to comply with orders to pull down the assembly’s building situated in the middle of the road.

On Thursday, officials from the two agencies who are part of the National Engineering Coordinating Team (NECT) and led by its chairman, Ken Ashigbey stormed the assembly.

Reports indicate the assembly had been served twice by the Department of Urban Roads to draw down the building but that was not heeded to.

According to the Chamber of Telecommunications, the problem is widespread as all assemblies are flouting the 150 feet distance rule set by the government.

“We wrote to them in 2020 to demolish the building and again wrote to them in 2021 but non of the letters was acknowledged by the assembly,” Mr Alex Kwadwo Asamoah , the officer in charge of Acquisition and Utilities Coordination at the Department of Urban Roads stated.

Mr Ashigbey described it as a “shame” for the assemblies to be flouting it’s own laws.

The NECT Which was established 25 years ago involves 37 institutions including the utilities companies and 9 other ministries.

A meeting was held on Wednesday, 29th December , 2021 between the various agencies and Minister for Local Government , Dan Kwaku Botwe on the action of the assemblies, including the Ablekumah North Municipal Assembly.

According to Ken Ashigbey, the Minister promised to remedy the situation.

NECT also warned municipal and district assemblies against rezoning of road reservations.

The developments have affected underground utilities lines including those built by the Electricity Company of Ghana, (ECG), Ghana Water Company ( GWCL) and the Telecom companies.

Ken Ashigbey noted over GHC 100million was paid in compensation by the utilities companies between 2020 and 2021 to individuals who encroached upon their space.
Source: 3news.com
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