'Deportation from US' publication: Presidential staffer threatens legal action

Nii Teiko Tagoe PS Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe is an Executive Assistant at the presidency

Tue, 27 Sep 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe has threatened legal action against Editor of The Herald Newspaper, Larry Dogbey, over a story he inists is defamatory.

In the said story, Larry Dogbey alleged that Teiko Tagoe had been arrested in the United States and deported to Ghana despite using a diplomatic passport.

The Herald story read in part: "Mr Tagoe, had posted a picture of himself on Facebook on September 14, 2022, with his leg on a chair moments before boarding the plane at Kotoka International Airport’s Terminal 3.

"His 5:33 am post and picture was with the caption “If you know, you know. Good morning #Minister4Happiness, Nana Yaw Kesse. Gone in 60 seconds…”

"But shortly upon arriving in the US, he was picked up and shoved into another aircraft and sent back to Ghana like a common criminal, despite his diplomatic passport. It is not clear, if he was handcuffed or chained to his seat."

It added that their sources said Tagoe was directed to deal with the US embassy for clearance before he attempts reentry into the US.

In his first response to The Herald, the head of new media at the presidency stated that he did not use a diplomatic passport and hadn't been deported as the report stated.

"My attention has been drawn to a Herald Publication alleging my deportation from the United States despite using a diplomatic passport.

"I wish to state that I do not use a diplomatic passport and there is absolutely no truth in the story. I have referred the Herald Newspaper and its Editor Larry Dogbey to my Solicitors for the necessary legal action," he posted on Facebbok.

The journalist in responding to the threat, added supposed travel details suggesting that the presidential staffer spent less than a day in the United States before returning to Ghana via a direct flight.

"Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe ..I didn't know it was this easy to get you talking. You left Ghana on Tuesday 13th September 2022 onboard KLM through Schipol Amsterdam to New York.

"You returned the next day Wednesday 14th September 2022 by a direct flight from New York to Accra onboard Delta Airlines. You wanted to come back onboard same KLM through Schipol on Wednesday, 21 September 2022.

"Who buys a ticket for nearly UD$10,000 to see New York City through the windows of an airport? Waiting for your lawyers. Regards to your wife...." Larry Dogbey replied via Facebook.

The presidential staffer offered another clarification on his Facebook wall: "So I arrived at John F Kennedy International Airport on Delta Airlines flight DL 047 from Amsterdam and I was arrested and deported at Dallas, Texas International Airport, onboard a United Airlines according to Larry Dogbey and The Herald Newspaper? We shall meet very soon wai."

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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