General News Sun, 22 Jan 2012

Deputy A-G should exit his post – Kweku Baako

The Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide, Malik Kweku Baako, is waging a crusade against the Deputy Attorney General, Ebo Barton Odro, for comments he made on the Woyome’s judgement debt, which he said has denigrated his office and must therefore be forced to exit.

He has therefore called on the president, John Evans Atta Mills, to sack him with immediate effect.

Mr Barton Odro, at the initial stage of the Woyome saga told Joy FM in an interview that the government had a “bad case” hence the decision of the A-G’s department not to contend the case in court. The indiscretion caused the state to lose over GH¢58 million in judgement debt awarded to NDC financier Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

In a twist of event, his former boss, Martin Amidu, who was just Thursday dismissed by the president for “misconduct” had indicated strongly that Mr Woyome had no contract with the government and therefore had no case to sue the government. He had vowed to retrieve any money paid to Mr Woyome with respect to the judgement debt. Mr Amidu took over the Woyome case from his predecessor whom the judgement was delivered under her leadership.

Speaking on Joy FM’s news analysis programme, Newsfile Saturday, Kweku Baako asserted that Mr Odro’s position was in sharp contrast with what his former boss held, exposing the incoherence in the A-G’s department.

“I wonder why the Deputy Attorney General is in office. The very moment this thing (amendment) was filed by his boss, he ought to have been out of the place…before the Deputy Attorney General spoke to [Joy FM] and claimed that government had a bad case, and that is why there was no defence, Betty [Mould Iddrisu] had started the process of reversal [to retrieve the money], now amplified, coherently articulated [by Martin Amidu], the Deputy Attorney General should have exited on his own. Or the president, as we speak should ask him to leave.


“It means there is no coherence and cohesion in the Attorney General’s office relative to the pursuit of the case.”

Touching on Martin Amidu’s dismissal, Mr Baako noted that the dismissal was in order, saying he should have been sacked instantly after he made the “explosive statement”.

He also said he would be shocked if with the amended statement of the A-G the government is unable to “clinch a victory”.

Deputy General Secretary of the NDC Kofi Adam though condemned the statement by Martin Amidu, he said the circumstance under which he was fired was “worrying”. He explained that it leaves room for people to conjecture and misconstrue his dismissal as a cover up.

“I believe that for what he did he should have been given a public rebuke, they should have rebuked him publicly, especially if what we are told is true that he himself apologise for the misconduct, not the position that he took, that means he himself has realised that he went a little bit far.

“If you take him out now and you bring in another person, of course the new person that is coming in is going to be in a very tight corner because 90 per cent of people who commented on the issue, especially those who are not on the side of the government, it makes it look straight away as if the dismissal of Martin Amidu was done to conceal his so-called gargantuan crime [allegation].”

Source: myjoyonline