Despite Media's Sampson K Nyamekye makes wild allegations about father of Achimota Rasta student

Sampson K Nyamekye Sampson Kwame Nyamekye, a reporter with Despite Media

Sat, 11 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Sampson Kwame Nyamekye, a reporter with Despite Media, has narrated what he claims to be inside information about the bloody incident between the ‘famous’ Achimota Rastafarian student, Tyrone Marghuy and his father, Tereo Marghuy.

The ‘Boho Bio’ show host stated on Hello FM that contrary to a narration by Tereo Marghuy that he was assaulted by his son, he rather attacked the Achimota School student with a knife.

Sampson K Nyamekye who claims to have close ties with the wife of Tereo Marghuy, alleged that the man has constantly abused the wife in front of the children.

Unhappy with the supposed abuse of their mother, Tyron Marghuy, according to Nyamekye stood up to the father when he once again tried to beat up the mother.

“I know him very well. He is from Bonwire and the kids were born at Komfo Anokye. They are triplets. The wife is very close to me. Her younger sibling was in my office today. The story is nasty but it’s people’s private issue so I won’t speak about it. What the man did was wrong even if the boy did that.

“The guy did not pull a knife, it was the dad who did that. He wanted to stab his wife. He has been physically abusing the wife in front of the children. The children were trying to prevent him and he went for a knife and the boy fought with him. He then came on social media to make those allegations to disgrace the children,” Nyamekye stated.

He added that, “You put this on the internet and it’s going to be there forever. The boy did nothing wrong. I know a lot but because it’s a family issue, I don’t want reveal it. The man should stop else he would be exposed.

“A lot things are going on. He has been threatening to kill the wife in front of the children. The boy is a good lad. On the contrary, there are teachers at Achimota who like him. The boy is naturally gifted,” he said on his show.

It will be recalled that on June 7, 2022, Tereo Marghuy released a video in which he made some allegations against his son.

“This is what Tyron has done to my hands, he spoilt his sister’s tablet and they were supposed to take it to the repairer this morning,” he said in the video.

“The sister came to tell me they were taking the laptop to the repairer..., I went to see them in the room and she said Tyron is not ready. Long story short, they had argument and so I went back there to ask him why, and he just unplugged the laptop and started to walk over me and he's been doing this all these years, and which his mother tolerates,” Tereo alleged.

"She [mother] even asked me one time why I don't want anybody to have peace in this house when my son does something wrong and I'm telling him."

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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