Did Strongman diss Cabum in his latest single 'Goated'?

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Fri, 2 Sep 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Strongman has for the first time featured his three-year-old daughter, Simona, who delivered a line in the introduction of his latest single, titled 'Goated'.

Music lovers have once again given a high rating to Strongman's new single, which they claim had shots fired at Cabum, who in August released a diss song targeting the rapper.

Although Strongman indicated that he wasn't going to retaliate, fans have pinpointed lyrics in "Goated" which they suggest was a clap back at Cabum who has for weeks been calling for a rap battle between himself and Strongman.

In Cabum's diss track titled ‘Fvck Strongman", he described his colleague as weak, adding that he managed to win his "beef" with Medikal because he was a better match for him.

Days after Cabum released his song, Strongman, in a Facebook post, wrote: "Not every action demands a response, some need pictures."

But it seems that he has finally responded to the insults hurled at him.

The rapper's daughter, in the introduction of "Goated," asked his father to "give it to them."

Parts of the lyrics that were sung in Twi read: "I pity those who dare to attract my wrath. I mourn for you like a widow...backwards never. You can say whatever. Forget awards, I am a rapper forever. This guy is addicted to nonsense like Nigerians and Eba. You better watch your talks because I am not new here...if you want to claim my position, then you better sit up."

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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