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Don’t be deceived, most of us are lonely – Camidoh reacts to ‘womanizer tag’ on musicians

Ghanaian singer, Camidoh, has established that contrary to the popular assertion that musicians are ‘swamped’ by women, most of them are lonely in real life.

To him, the imaginary fear of competing with other women drives prospective suitors away from them.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, he said most women cannot keep up with their busy lifestyle and exposure that is associated with being a musician.

“People think with the nature of our profession and the fact that most of us are good-looking, ladies will come in for us. It’s not easy for us. Even Bossom P-Yung last tweeted that girls think that we get girls but we indeed don’t have the girls. Many creatives in the industry are facing this. They just don’t talk about it. Our work pushes partners away from us. People feel very insecure because we are exposed to ladies. Many people fail at marriages in the industry and that’s the bitter truth,” he established.

Touching on a personal experience, the ‘For my lover’ hitmaker recounted how he lost a serious relationship due to insecurities from his partner.

“I lost a relationship due to several insecurities my partner was facing because I was in this line of work. It hurt me so bad. It hasn’t been easy. Travelling around the world and not having time for her; she just couldn’t keep up,” he told Elsie Lamar on Talkertainment.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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