Don’t be pressured into financing your girlfriend – Human rights activist advocates

Reno Omokri New Human rights activist and lawyer Reno Omokri

Fri, 27 Aug 2021 Source: 3news.com

According to human rights activist and lawyer Reno Omokri, a girlfriend’s financial burden remains the sole responsibility of her father and not her boyfriend. He advised men to stop giving their girlfriends money.

Taking to his Twitter page, Reno Omokri shared that it’s foolish for a man to allow himself to be pressured into financing a woman he’s not married to. He says that any relationship outside the legal parameters of marriage is only an amorous relationship. So no one owes any sort of financial responsibility to the other.

“Dear men, When a woman you date tells you she needs money, listen calmly without interrupting. T hen respond thus, ‘I am sorry, but it seems you mistake me for your father’. Don’t be pressured into financing a woman you are romancing. It is nice. It is not wise”.

Earlier on, he had called men who sponsor unemployed girls using expensive phones as fools. He wrote that these sophisticated ladies are in the habit of draining young men with ‘urgent 2k’ requests and should be avoided at all cost.

Source: 3news.com