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Don't blame the General when soldiers lose war - NDC man defends Mahama

Former Agriculture minister Alhaji Mohammed Muniru Limuna has bought into the claim by President John Mahama that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) lost the 2016 general elections because the party was a lame horse.

Making allusions to warfare, the former minister said on Okay FM Monday that "if you take a General to war and there was a problem we should rather be resolving the problem and not change the General".

With the party trying to heal itself following its worst defeat since it was founded in 1992, Muniru Limuna has argued that if anything is to change in the party, it should not be their 2016 flagbearer.

He believes that if the party members change attitudes, the 'general,' Mahama will 'be in a position to win the war'.

"John Mahama is that best candidate for now...we have to do all that it will take for John to agree" he said.


Explaining the party's defeat, Muniru Limuna said it was due to 'governance fatigue'.

"It has come to the mind of everybody that every party should be given eight years so after you have done eight years, you can bring even God down people will not appreciate what you are doing"

"[It is] because they have made their minds up for a change" he elaborated.

He said this governance fatigue is to blame for the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton losing the White House to the Republican contender Donald Trump.

He said this weariness of the incumbent party is further seen in the reaction of Americans since they voted change. He said despite electing Trump, Americans later began demonstrating against him soon after the elections.


There is a similar occurrence in Ghana because although there is a new administration 'people are crying'.

He said after Ghanaians taste the NPP government they would soon realise that the change mantra was a deception.

"In 2020 people will look for Mahama with a lantern during the day" he predicted.

While 2020 is barely four years away, the NDC should be working to "get the general to come back and take us to the promise land".

"If we really want power in 2020 Mahama is the best person we should be praying and talking to" he said.

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