Don’t follow prophetic direction if it’s not in line with the Bible — Bishop

Bishop Gordon Kisseih Bishop Dr. Gordon Kisseih

Sat, 1 Jan 2022 Source: happyghana.com

Presiding Bishop of Life International Church, Bishop Dr. Gordon Kisseih, has cautioned Ghanaians to be wary of false prophecies during this period.

According to him, for any prophecy to be authentic, it must be “consistent” with the Word of God. He thus noted that any prophecy that is not in line with the Bible is false prophecy.

Speaking to host Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh on the special Christmas edition of the Happy Morning Show, Bishop Dr. Kisseih stated “If someone gives you a prophecy and that prophecy is inconsistent and at variance or doesn’t agree with the word of God, please don’t follow that prophetic direction”.

Bishop Dr. Kisseih also encouraged Ghanaians to rather cultivate the desire of reading and understanding God’s Word. He added, it will be easier if people turn to God in prayer and ask for an understanding of his word.

“God is our creator and Father. If you want to really understand the Bible, go to God in prayer and ask him to help you have that desire. We should all try to understand the Bible because many of the people who go to be prophesied unto are literate”.

Meanwhile, the police has cautioned the general public especially religious leaders over doomed prophecies on 31st Night.

“We want to caution that under Ghanaian law, it is a crime for a person to publish or reproduce a statement, rumour or report which is likely to cause fear and alarm to the public or to disturb the public peace, where that person has no evidence to prove that the statement, rumour or report is true,” part of the statement by the Police read.

While some religious leaders such as Osofo Kyiriabosom have welcomed the directive, others such as Nigel Gaisie and Salifu Amoako have condemned the directive.

Source: happyghana.com