Dr. Asi Ocansey reports Nana Yaw Sarfo, ex-wife to Nogokpo gods

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Wed, 6 Jul 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

CEO of S. O. Herbal Center initiates defamation suit against ex-couple

Janet Adwoa Sarfo fails to show up in court for defamation trial

Prophet Nana Yaw Sarfo and ex-wife asked to report to Nogokpo on July 9

Popular Ghanaian radio evangelist, Prophet Nana Yaw Sarfo and his former wife, Janet Sarfo have been summoned by the Chief Priest of Nogokpo, Togbui Zakazda.

The broadcaster and his former wife have been summoned before the court of the dreaded deity, following a report by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the S.O. Herbal Centre, Dr. Sophia Asi Ocansey against the two.

According to Dr. Ocansey, she has become the victim of falsehood and defamatory accusations by Janet Sarfo which has seen her suffer grave damages.

Despite filing a GHC30 million defamation suit against Janet Sarfo and other defendants, Dr. Ocansey says the ex-wife of the broadcaster who is domiciled in the United Kingdom has refused to make an appearance in court for justice to be served her.

She has therefore resorted to the Nogokpo gods which she says will affirm her innocence over the accusations of having an affair with Prophet Nana Yaw Sarfo and deliver her justice.

“I have been vilified, insulted and abused from the beginning because of this issue. But the lady in question knows everything she has said about me is false. I have never been in a sexual relationship with her husband before. He has never held me in an inappropriate manner before,” Dr Ocansey said when she led emissaries from the Nogokpo shrine to present a letter of summons to the Assemblyman for Kwabenya electoral area, Bright Paul Mintah to be delivered to the former couple.

She added that, “I have been through a lot of pains. This thing has affected my marriage. As you can see, I have taken off my wedding ring and it has been like this for the last two years. She been brainwashing to the extent that now my child is being tagged as her former husband’s son.

“My innocent child has been dragged into this matter. It has affected my marital home, my business and the entire family. So this time around, Janet Adwoa Sarfo, you are not going scot-free. I will not forgive you today or tomorrow. To the extent that you keep tarnishing my image on social media, you will come and answer in a spiritual court if you have refused to appear in a physical court,” Dr. Ocansey told Oman Channel.

In a defamation suit initiated in February this year, Dr. Ocansey said Janet Sarfo and other defendants aimed at tarnishing her hard-won reputation.

“The Plaintiff says that the publication made by the 1st Defendant was naturally and ordinarily understood by right-thinking members of the society to mean that: the Plaintiff is an adulterous woman who goes chasing after other women’s husbands; the Plaintiff, being a married woman, is shamelessly promiscuous and unfaithful to her husband; the Plaintiff is a wicked and abusive woman who uses money to influence 1st Defendant’s husband to refuse to care and provide for the needs of 1st Defendant’s children; the Plaintiff is a morally corrupt woman who has been the cause of the problems the 1st Defendant claims she has been suffering in marriage; the Plaintiff is an insensitive, promiscuous, immoral and irresponsible woman,” says a portion of the writ.

The 1st Defendant (Janet Sarfo) is also said to have made a defamatory statement that she (the 1st Defendant) once had an eye problem and that the problem got worse after she applied a medicine offered by the Plaintiff. The same defamatory statement is said to have been published by other defendants in the case.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com