Dr Kofi Amoah salutes Bawumia but questions development strategies to recharge economy

Mon, 4 Oct 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Businessman Dr Kofi Amoah has lauded Ghana’s vice president, Mahamudu Bawumia, for his drive and passion in the digitisation agenda of the country and says while his efforts are commendable, the time had come to “vigorously debate the real proper development strategies and initiatives that will turbo-charge our economy’.

Dr Bawumia has become a champion of government’s IT agenda and has been leading the charge to have a lot of services in the country automated.

But according to Dr Amoah, Ghana’s major problem at this stage is how to get the majority of the populace, mainly the youth, into meaningful engagement and production.

Reaction to a GhanaWeb story on microblogging site Twitter, Dr Amoah said “Salute to Dr Bawumia, our VP, for his passion in the IT areas It’s time, however, to vigorously debate the real proper development strategies n initiatives that will turbo-charge our economy and get the MAJORITY engaged n PRODUCING. Majority-involved development programme is the only way out.”

Dr Amoah who was the Chairman of the Local Organising Committee for the CAN 2008 football tournament hosted in Ghana, has been leading a crusade to see Ghana’s burgeoning youth find decent jobs which will make them become responsible citizens.

He has also been an activist against the excessive borrowing of government which he says are used for consumption and not job creation.

Commenting further in a follow-up interview with GhanaWeb, Dr Amoah said “My issues are, as you know, centred around joblessness of the youth, importation increments, not enough exports, all leading to heavy borrowing and incapacitating the economy from moving forward.

We need to get to basics in building a strong domestic economy utilizing our vast natural resources of land and youthful population as catalysts and from there manufacture for exports, build wealth and then migrate to invest in other areas to support and finance industrialization.

IT etc are all great but they will be more beneficial and become an additive for further development and productivity increments if we already have a viable and resilient domestic economy with high employment that has roped in the majority of our idle hands etc”.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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