General News Sat, 30 Nov 2013

Drill ship saga: NPP created, looted and shared – Sam George

A communications team member of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Samuel George Nettey, has described as intriguing the conflicting testimonies of former Deputy Minister of Energy regarding the sale of the Discoverer 5II drill ship.

He said KT Hammond on various occasions had given different accounts about the circumstances that led to the sale of the drill ship belonging to the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and the whereabouts of the remaining US$3.5million realized from the $24million sale.

KT Hammond who led the team which sold the oil drill ship justified reasons for the sale when he appeared before the Judgement Debt Commission investigating the matter.

According to him, the sale was necessary to pay off a negotiated settlement between the GNPC and French multinational Bank, Societe Generale which came about as a result of oil exploration transaction entered into in 1996.

Mr. Hammond indicated that the ship was finally sold off for $24m to pay a debt $19.5m leaving a balance of $3.5m which he said was paid into a government of Ghana account in the United Kingdom.


But critics say the $3.5m balance from the sale cannot be traced. Speaking on Radio Gold’s political discussion programme Alhaji and Alhaji Saturday, Sam Gorge said KT Hammond is being economical with the truth.

He could not fathom why the former Deputy Energy Minister cannot recall the exact person he gave the $3.5m cheque to but remembers into detail negotiations he had leading to the sale of the drill ship.

“The same person has on three different occasion given us recipients of the cheque but remembers into detail facts from the negotiations he had to sell our drill ship but he cannot remember who he gave $3.5m of the Ghanaian tax payers money to. This is very laughable” he added.

Sam George said KT Hammond’s different accounts portray him as “someone suffering from multiple personality disorder”.

He explained that by this condition “one person can so boisterous and outgoing and that same person at another point in time can be so sober and emotional.


Spiritually they will tell you it is demonic possession because it is a manifestation of different spirits”.

The NDC man stated in KT Hammond “we see two clearly distinct characters”.

Sam Gorge said considering all the testimonies adduced before the Sole Commissioner in relation to the drill ship saga, it is clear that people sat down and “created, looted and shared the resources of the state”.

Source: Myjoyonline.com