Duration of online studies not helping students – UG SRC Presidental candidate

Thu, 9 Sep 2021 Source: universenewsroom.com

Presidential Candidate in this year’s University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UGSRC) elections, Samuel Amos Ofosu has lamented over the duration given to students to participate in the online academic activities this year.

Speaking on the Campus Exclusive show, the candidate who is popularly known as Nana B said the six weeks duration for online studies has not helped most of the students at the University.

He called on the University’s management to introduce a better approach to ease the academic burden on students.

"Students don’t have a problem with the studies being pushed online, but it’s the duration. For instance, if we’re having the usual thirteen weeks as online studies, I don’t think it would’ve affected anyone. But if you’re giving six weeks for online studies, how are the level 100s going to grasp everything, and that’s where my problem lies".

"Because I mean the University’s management thought of it wisely to bring it on board and they realized that it’ll help us. But if you’re coming up with such ideas, let us find the best possible that can help the students, so that at the end of the day we achieve what we want to achieve. If we could extend the number of days used for the online studies, which I think will be changed in the next semester, it’ll push us forward. So some of these things are what we can help with and make sure that students are comfortable with whatever we’re doing".

Speaking in relation to accommodation on campus, Samuel Amos Ofosu said that, when he and his running mate are voted into office, they will liaise with management of the various hostels to subsidize their fees for students.

He added that his administration will kickstart the SRC hostel project and ensure its completion within five years.

"We can’t build a hostel in one year, so we’ve decided to see the management of various hostels to discuss the subsidies in fees of accommodation".

"As Acquah (his running mate) rightly said, we can’t build a hostel in a year, but then we’re going to push for the start of the SRC hostel. SRC has land, so if we’re given the nod to be the next SRC President and Vice President, we’ll work towards the commencing of the construction so that we can make a five-year project. Thus, it’ll relieve us of accommodation issues for the next five years".

On the #FixTheCountry protest that was embarked on by some of the youth in the country, Nana B was of the view that in order to fix the country, it is important for oneself to be fixed.

"I’m in for “Fix yourself, Fixthecountry” because we all contribute to the fixing of the country. For instance, dumping of refuse, if you’re in your area and you litter around or dump refuse in the gutter, at the end of the day who will face the consequences? You don’t expect the President of the Republic to confront you on the matter, so some of these things are some things we can work on individually".

"At least a clean-up every Saturday in our environment or helping the needy is possible. Mind you, it’s not an easy task but of course, we have to fix the country and even before that, we must fix ourselves".

Source: universenewsroom.com
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