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‘Educational reforms not limited to uniforms, curriculum’ – NaCCA

The Incoming Executive Secretary of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) Dr. Prince Armah has revealed that the current educational reforms will not be limited to uniforms and curriculum changes.

According to him, the reforms will include infrastructural development and expansion as well as improving the quality and welfare of teachers.

Some have criticized the government’s move to review basic school curriculum and change uniforms while ignoring the provision of basic educational needs.

But speaking on Citi TV’s current affairs program The Point of View, Dr. Armah indicated that all facets of the education sector will be considered.

“The education system comes with different parts and there are several reforms ongoing. For instance you know there is a GETFund loan, with 500 million or so going to be invested in University education including infrastructure. That is just one side.

“It comes with several other interventions from other sectors as well. Within the education, to be able to make it complementary, it is quite difficult to say that it has to take a linear progression. A has to happen before B. It is mutually exclusive. It can do several other things at the same time.”

‘New curriculum will make Ghana Mathematics friendly’

He also assured that the new curriculum for basic schools in the country will change the teaching and learning of Mathematics in schools.

According to Dr. Prince Armah, incoming Executive Secretary at NaCCA, the new curriculum has been fashioned in a way that will place Ghana as one of the Mathematics friendly countries around the globe.

Educationists continue to call for the demystification of the teaching and learning of Mathematics in schools.

They also argue that the subject must be understood and taught in direct relation to the practical problems of the day.

Speaking on the Point of View on Monday, Dr. Prince Armah said “Mathematics has been taught in a way that is procedural, algorithmic and computational with only one answer. So the approach that this curriculum takes is within the context of problem solving and investigation.”

“We are allowing children to learn Mathematics in a more experiential way, being investigative and applying Mathematics to everyday context. Over the years, we have the subject so immutable and far away. What this Curriculum does is to make it more experiential and connecting the empirical world more with the real number systems so that they {students} don’t have to imagine. Making students love observatory Mathematics is what we have emphasized. With this Curriculum we want to make Ghana Mathematics friendly”, he added.

The New Curriculum

The new curriculum is expected to come into force from September 2019.

The country is revising the educational policy and curriculum to make teaching and learning more effective.

President Nana Akufo-Addo in his State of the Nation said the new the curriculum will better prepare pupils in school to meet global challenges.

He said the new curriculum will focus on making Ghanaian children confident innovative, creative thinkers, digitally literate and well-rounded patriotic citizens.

“Mathematics, Science, Reading, Writing and creativity are therefore the heart of this new curriculum,” he said.

Source: citinewsroom.com
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