General News Thu, 29 May 2003

Edward Mahama lauds government

The Leader of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Dr Edward Mahama, has commended the government for sustaining the National Economic Dialogue (NED). In an interview in Accra on Tuesday, Dr Mahama said it is his hope that the annual event will be sustained to become a permanent feature in the governance of the country.

“Eventually through such a process, we will end up with a national will so that we can achieve our objectives through a collective action,” he said. Dr Mahama said such processes are necessary for institutional building, the lack of which is the bane of Africa, and emphasised that the programme is a national economic dialogue, not an NPP dialogue.

He said the PNC has participated in all the forums that have been organised as part of the dialogue and stated that it is imperative that all the political parties take active interest in the programme so that their viewpoints could be reflected in the decisions instead of staying outside only to criticise the process.

Dr Mahama said he was touched by the address of President John Kufuor when he opened the dialogue and said it pointed at the attitudinal problems, which affect our efforts at sustainable development.

He said President Kufuor did not mince words in stressing the need for Ghanaians to change their attitudes and devote their time to hardwork.

Dr Mahama pointed out that “with this type of leadership, we can mobilise resources for common objectives and whether it is about increasing per capita income or going to the moon, we shall succeed with a common and collective will”.


In another development, Dr Mahama has commended the founding fathers of the Organisation of African Unity, now African Union, on the 40th anniversary of the continental body. Dr Mahama, in a statement, commended the artistes of Ethiopia for organising a concert to raise funds to purchase food for those who are starving in their country and described the action as “a self reliant spirit”.

He suggested to the government of Ghana to send part of the country’s food reserves to Ethiopia in the true spirit of the extended family and also advised the government to charge farmers to produce more by offering them a guaranteed price as a stimulus to encourage the farmers to exert themselves to produce more food.

Dr Mahama further appealed to artistes in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and other African countries to organise concerts to raise funds to support their brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.

“For Africa to gain respect and avoid marginalisation she must earn her respect by solving her problems of starvation in the continent”, he stressed.

Dr Mahama commended President Kufuor for signing the West African Gas Pipeline project and charged the government to handle our economy in such a way that we can meet the requirements for the West Africa single currency by the target date.

Source: Graphic