Opinions Sat, 13 Jul 2013

Enemy of progress!!!!!!!!!

They always comes with big promises:

I can save you from your woes

Currently, you see how you are treated?

Like not part of this endowed nation.

We, and of course I, can do the job.

And do the job well for all and sundry.

You are my reason for struggling for power.

I want to bring a change

To suit the needs of all citizens.

I want to close the yawning gap,

The gap created between the poor and the rich.


I want to fight corruption and mismanagement.

I want to fight social injustice

Why can't you support me to fight:

Hunger, disease and backwardness,

Which is the lot of you all including me?

Give me your vote to change things,

For the good of my constituency and Ghana.

I thank you all for your support:

To make me your leader and chosen

Representative to fight for your course;

I shall never rest on my Oars.


Until the right thing is done.

I will make sure that there would be

Free ''everything'' for ''everyone'' of you.

Now, I have the power:

Let me see, I need a decent accommodation,

I need a Car to command respect,

My suits and Smoke(fugu) must be numerous, so that I can

Be changing on all occasions.

That my concubine I must seal

Her mouth with money, so that she

Will be quite and nip in the bud


My short comings in the affairs

Of the daughters of Eve.

Aha! My children must be schooled ''outside''.

I must have a bank account in a foreign

Bank to contain dollars,euro and pounds.

I should possess a fleet of cars,

A range of buildings around the towns

And cities across the country.

My constituent-electorates are worrying me:

Why can't you leave me in peace?

You are always jealous of my prosperity.

What I possess is mine through my sweat.

Work harder to also acquire yours.

As for me, what I have is for my children.

Or at worse, a family legacy.

Hmm! Stomach politicians,

Why do you wolves wear sheep's skin?

In the mist of real sheep.

Ibrahim Hardi 0208235615

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim