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Even 'incompetent' Mahama is begging for a second chance – Divine Nkrumah

National Youth Coordinator of the Progressive People's Party (PPP), Divine Nkrumah has taken a swipe at the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs. Charlotte Osei.

According to him, even President Mahama "who is making life unbearable for Ghanaians" is urging the electorate to grant his government another four-year term.

Divine Nkrumah, making reference to the decision by the EC to disqualify flagbearer of the PPP, Papa Kwesi Nduom and 11 other Presidential Candidates from the December polls, described the first female commissioner as an indecisive and inconsistent person whose actions and inactions may create problems for the upcoming general polls.

“Madam Charlotte Osei is really making matters worse and so the earlier she adds our flagbearer’s name to the list, the better for her. Even incompetent Mahama who is messing up the economy is even begging for another term to be President and so why can’t she do same to the PPP even when we have good intentions for Ghanaians” he quizzed.

Flagbearer of the PPP, Papa Kwesi Nduom has been unhappy after the EC disqualified him and 11 other presidential candidates for improperly filling their nomination forms on Monday.


EC Chair, Charlotte Osei told the media that she was unable to accept the nominations of Dr Nduom because he did not get the required number of subscribers as demanded by Regulation 7 (2) (b) of the Constitutional Instrument (C.I.94).

"One subscriber Richard Aseda ('Asida' on the Voters' Register), with Voter ID no 7812003957) endorsed the forms in two different districts (pages 21 and 39)," the EC stated.

She added that "The subscriber was found to be on the Voter's Register in one district thereby disqualifying his second subscription and reducing the total number of subscribers to below the minimum required by the Law."

But Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom insists the commission has trampled on his rights by purporting to disqualify him from taking part in the contest to be Ghana President on January 7, 2017 and therefore will not allow the EC to intimidate him.

However Divine Nkrumah on Accra based Neat fm claimed the NPP and NDC did not declare their assets to the commission which he believes violated the rules of the EC and therefore could not understand why the commission would take such a decision.


According to him, the Chairperson of Commission per her action is making it difficult for Ghanaians to trust her to organise a free, fair, transparent and credible election on December 7, 2016.

He said the PPP flagbearer complied with the directives as stipulated by the Commission, and challenged the EC to apply the law in an impartial manner.

Source: adomonline.com
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