General News Sat, 22 Sep 2018

Every country should be run like a corporate entity – Franklin Cudjoe

IMANI Africa President, Franklin Cudjoe, has called for countries to run as a cooperate entities.

He says leaders need to possess business skills and manage the country at a profit so as to achieve successes and efficiencies for its citizens.

In his view, the competence in business translates to competence in politics and that running the country as a co-operate entity would ensure accountability on the part of leaders.

He said a lot of countries have been mismanaged and that leaders should be ready to tell citizens how much they are willing to add up to the country’s already existing resources and not make unrealistic promises.

“What are their business plans? We want to hear what they have in stock for us when it comes to their business plans. Of course, every country must be run like a cooperate entity. Not with all the boardroom drama which we can find a lot in politics... There must be a sense that if a country has a set amount of resources, you don’t keep on making unrealistic promises. Leaders must tell us how much they can add to the country’s stored resources. That how we define leadership. If you came to meet a set amount of resources, you should be able to tell the people that you’re going to build the economy from this amount to that amount,” he established

He entreated Ghanaian leaders contesting for high offices to acquire a business plan or ideas that can be subjected to scrutiny.

“The last time we asked leaders about their business plan in 2008, we heard all manner of things. I remember one of them saying they were going to generate electricity by suspending permanent magnets in the air, another said his agricultural policy was growing donkeys in the north in order to use their droppings as fertilizer and so on. These ideas sound laughable but at least you could tell that these were plans that could be worked with” he added.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com