General News Thu, 17 Mar 2022

Every knee bows to the 1992 Constitution - Maurice Ampaw

Renowned lawyer, Maurice Ampaw has reiterated that every rule and decision by any governmental institution is subject to the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

He indicated that the sovereignty of the country resides in the hands of Ghanaians and the supremacy of the Constitution.

“In Ghana there are only two people that are supreme and they are the people of Ghana and the Constitution. Since the sovereignty of a Ghana resides with Ghanaians, we agreed during the 1992 referendum that the Constitution has the power to rule,” he said.

Speaking with Sefah Danquah on Happy98.9FM’s “Epa Hoa Daben” socio-political talk show, he said, “Just like the Bible says every knee bows and every tongue shall confess at the mention of the name Jesus Christ that’s in the same vein as the Constitution depicts that every knee and institution shall bow at its mentioning and Ye shall know the Constitution is supreme.

“Therefore in Ghana the supremacy of the Constitution is final and what anyone does is subject to the constitution. In the same Parliament though, Parliament are masters of their rule but subject to the constitution and same as Executive and Judiciary,” he added.

He further recounted Nkrumah’s era we’re power resided solely at the hem of those in power until Bussia saw the need to distribute power to the ordinary Ghanaians.

“So from 1979- 1993 we have been practicing constitutional supremacy not parliamentary supremacy,” he emphasized.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw’s comments comes after Justice Abdulai, a lecturer of law at the University of Professional Studies, sued the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice (A-G), saying that it was unconstitutional for the Deputy Speaker to have counted himself for the purpose of making up the quorum of half of the Members of Parliament (MPs) required when Parliament approved the 2022 Budget and Economic Policy of Government, on November 30, 2021.

He said that to the extent that the Deputy Speaker could not be counted, the decision taken on November 30, 2021, to approve the budget was a nullity.

Mr Abdulai claimed from the SC, among others, a declaration that, upon a true and proper interpretation of articles 102 and 104(1) of the 1992 Constitution, a Speaker or any other person presiding over Parliament could not be said to be part of the members present for the purposes of decision making.
Source: etvghana.com