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Expedite action on investigations - Fianoo pleads with gov’t

The chairman of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA), Kudjoe Fianoo, has pleaded with the government to expedite action on the investigations being conducted on the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to enable operatives of football at all levels to resume work. “Prior to the ban of football our calender for the year was late, so we were planning to synchronise it with the other international community. Already, we have lost a lot of spectators so the present situation is likely to aggravate the issue.

“That is why I want to plead with government, as a matter of urgency, to speed up all forms of investigations relating to the rancour with football in Ghana. We are not exclusive with the laws of Ghana, but our plea is that government should expedite action on the investigations, punish those found culpable of indulging in all forms of malpractices so we can start playing the game we adore so much”, Mr Fianoo appealed during an interview with Graphic Sports Online.

He said if the government lifted the ban, Congress could meet to decide how to meet the October 15 deadline of Confederation of Africa Football (CAF).

Describing the current friction as worrisome, Mr Fianoo said beside the investment made by many Ghanaians in football at club level, many of the youth had also made football their sole profession.


He said it was for these reasons that government should crack the whip against those found culpable of indulging in any form of malpractices in football activities, while the game to resumes.

“Laws are made for man, so we need to go back and look at the laws governing the game, fine-tune them and eliminate all forms of manipulations for the good of the players in the football industry”, he noted.

Mr Fianoo, however, acknowledged the need for reforms in football operations in Ghana to create sanity. 'It is important to bring sanity into football and it can only happen when we reform the game to win the confidence of football fans.

“We have accepted that football is the passion of the nation, hence the need to sanitise the game with the needed reforms to win back the lost confidence of our fans”, he stressed.

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