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Eyewitness gives account of Commonwealth and Sarbah Hall fight

A resident of the Sarbah Hall at the University of Ghana has given an account of what transpired between two long-time rivals of the school, Commonwealth and Mensah Sarbah Hall.

According to Edward Kwei Akuetteh, he chanced on the confusion when he stepped out with some friends to get some food.

"...So we decided to use other routes just to avoid this kind of conflict. When we were returning, we saw that now 'macho' [heavily built men] were on campus and we also decided to use another route. So, when we got to our Hall, we heard people screaming, shouting. That was the beginning of the war.

"What we saw was that people were fighting. Students were throwing stones," he added.

Meanwhile, an earlier report by GhanaWeb indicated that the statue of John Mensah Sarbah was also destroyed during the clash, with the remaining part allegedly seized by some unknown members of the Commonwealth Hall.

Also, a vehicle was eventually set ablaze, ending the chaotic scenes caused by the students.

Akuetteh stated that although calm has been restored, he has been informed that there are some "strong men" from Sarbah Hall likely to forcefully go back for what's left of the bust.

"It means we should expect another conflict but we are praying such a thing will not happen," he added.

He explained further that for the conflict to be resolved, it depends on the administration of the two Halls to settle the matter amicably.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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