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Fall out from Free SHS as two schools in Daboya fail to make it over cancellation

Students from two schools in Daboya in the North Gonja District of Northern Region may have to forfeit any chance of entering SHS this year as their English Language paper has just been reported cancelled by WAEC.

The schools, Lingbinsi Presby JHS and Kagbal JHS all in the North Gonja District according to WAEC, colluded during the objective test of the said Paper to warrant the punishment.

The results of the students totalling 20-eight students from Kagbal JHS and 12 students from Lingbisi Presby JHS were hitherto withheld.

WAEC then instructed the affected candidates through a letter to submit statements within one week in response to the allegation of collusion.

The students wrote the statements and submitted to WAEC through the GES office in Daboya last two weeks.

Only to wake up to a shock of their English paper being cancelled after checking their results online.

The teachers and the students alike explained they are still to fully comprehend the action of WAEC.The headmasters of the two schools, however, doubted if the statements of the students got to WAEC for review before the decision was taken since the GES office confirmed that they EMS the statements to WAEC only this Wednesday.

They believe they have not been given a right to fair hearing as there was no reason given after the submission of the statements for the outright cancellation.

When contacted by the headmasters of the schools, the District Director of GES indicated they were trying their best to rescue the situation.He said the situation was grave and requires the support and attention of all necessary stakeholders.

It can be confirmed that apart from the cancelled English paper, none of the students scored a grade above 6 in any of the core subjects.Also, Lingbisi Presby JHS would have been best in the district followed by Kagbal JHS as per the analysis of the results but for the cancelled paper.

The schools albeit located in deprived communities have distinguished themselves over the years in the BECE.Topping the district in the examination league table in most cases.

The students who described the situation as "wasted years and effort,feared their dream of secondary education will be shattered if the decision of WAEC is not revisited.They had hopes of taking advantage of the government policy on free education to build a better life for themselves.

The students pleaded not guilty of the allegation by WAEC and wondered the reason for the action of WAEC. They call on stakeholders and human right activist to intervene in their situation.

The headmaster of Kagbal JHS, Mr.Mahama Kadiri prayed for the intervention of necessary stakeholders to the save the future of the students. He maintained that the decision to cancel the paper was unfounded and unfair.They disassociated themselves from the allegation.

And described the action of WAEC as saddening and unfortunate since they never anticipated such a thing. He prayed for a reversal of the decision.

Source: Abraham Ananpansah
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