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Fetish priest defiles pregnant minor 25 times

A 25-year-old self-styled herbalist and fetish priest is in the grips of the Awutu Breku Police for allegedly defiling a 14-year old pregnant girl 25 times.

Chris Bonney, also known as Atongo who is a known fetish priest in the area was arrested after the 14-year old girl, who is one his numerous victims reported him to the police.

The pregnant minor found herself in the custody of Atongo after his 16-year old boyfriend Meshach Abbbam who he has dated for the past three years dragged her to the residence of the fetish priest to help abort a pregnancy.

The boyfriend, according to Adom News’ Kofi Adjei took the lady to Atongo who is notoriously known in Awutu Obrakyere as someone who has been helping several young ladies abort unwanted pregnancies.

Atongo who occupies a rented room with his girlfriend admitted the girl and began administering to her concoctions as part of his usual routine for aborting pregnancies.


“He has a bottle in his room into which he pours an alcoholic liquid, he then puts into it some small tablets and shakes very well and gives to me to drink…,” the pregnant minor narrated.

After administering the concoction to his victim, he then orders her to lie in a supine position, inserts tablets into her private parts and strikes her with his ‘bodua’ after reciting incantations.

“After giving me the concoction, he covers my lips with his bed sheet and anoint my head with some of the same liquid…,” she narrated further.

The next stage of the ritual to aborting an unwanted foetus entails the fetish priest having sexual bouts with the victim. He does this for at least five times a day.

“I spent five days in his custody and in all he slept with me for at least five times a day, in the morning, afternoon and evening, there was a time that when I was sleeping with my boyfriend, he walked to me at dawn and ordered me out and had sex with me.”


All these ordeals, she said happened at the blind side of his Junior High School (JHS) boyfriend, and one Jennifer, the girlfriend of the ‘sexy fetish priest’ since he usually sent them on errands before having sexual intercourse with her.

And he did this by not just outsmarting them but also consistently threatening to either kill the pregnant minor or his mother.

“He consistently warns me that the concoctions are very strong and powerful and threatens to either kill or paralyse me or my mother if I name him and his girlfriend whom he loves very much if I dare name any of them when something happens to me after taking the concoction…and I am sent to Police station,” she added.

During the five days the lady spent at the house of the fetish, all attempts by her to go out were blocked as she was served with everything she needed by the man who claimed to have the powers to kill and paralyse people who would seek to expose his nefarious activities.

“I was not allowed to go out, no one knew I was in the room…when I tell him I want to take my bath, he goes to bring a bowl and bucket…I stand in the bowl and bath and when I am done, he comes for the water and go to throw it away….”


Back home, the parents of the pregnant minor after fruitless search for her caused the arrest of the boyfriend who in turn gave directions to Atongo’s house.

Light finally shined on the pregnant minor in the dark room when the Awutu Police stormed the compound of Atongo.

The police rescued the minor and also arrested the fetish priest for kidnapping the fourteen year old girl who according to the Awutu Breku Police Commander, ASP Samuel Amfo was also prevented from escaping.

“We were informed one Chris Bonney, a fetish priest and herbalist had kidnapped a JHS girl who had been impregnated by his 16-year old boyfriend and was preventing her from coming out of the room where she had been placed…,” he said.

He added that the police after the investigations would likely charge the fetish priest and his boyfriend with kidnapping of a child under the age of 18, defilement and conspiracy to commit criminal abortion.

The pregnant minor is currently on admission at the St Joseph Hospital at Obrakyere receiving treatment.

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Source: adomonline.com