General News Wed, 27 Nov 2002

Five envoys present letters of credence

Five envoys accredited to Ghana yesterday, presented their letters of credence to President J.A. Kufuor at the Castle. Mr Mohammed Al-Gamudi (right) presenting his letter to the President. They are Mr Mohammed Zaafarani of Egypt, Mr George Zubler of Switzerland, Mr A.C. A. Van Der Wiel of The Netherlands, Mr Muhammed Alias of Malaysia, and Mr Muhammed Al-Gamudi of the Libya Arab Jamahiriya.

Receiving the letters of credence of the Egyptian Ambassador, President Kufuor underscored the need for Ghana and Egypt to develop and strengthen their diplomatic and economic relations based on the African Union.

He said in the era of globalisation and the African Union, it is important for African countries to foster trade links with the outside world and particularily among themselves.

Responding, Mr Zaafarani indicated his commitment towards improved relations between Ghana and Egypt during his duty tour in the country.

During the turn of the Swiss Ambassador, President Kufuor said the relations between Ghana and Switzerland have lasted for over 100 years.


He said missionaries from Switzerland visited the shores of the country many years ago to propagate the gospel and establish educational institutions. He said in Ghana today there are some hospitals and educational institutions whose roots can be traced to the Swiss missionaries who visited the country many years ago.

The Swiss envoy, Mr Zubler, praised Ghana for her development efforts and described the country as a shinning example of a progressive country contrary to the notions held by some people that Africa is a continent of conflict, poverty, disease and human right abuses.

He said the Swiss Government has selected Ghana as one of the countries to benefit from Swiss assistance and hinted that the Swiss Government will soon sign an agreement with a bank in Ghana for the disbursement of loans to small and medium-scale businesses.

Commenting on Ghana?s relations with The Netherlands, President Kufuor said the two countries have a long-standing tradition in their relations and expressed the hope that the relations will be strengthened and deepened for their mutual benefit.

The Netherlands Ambassador, Mr Wiel, said he has been overwhelmed by the hospitality of the Ghanaian since he arrived in the country some few months ago. He said Dutch companies have shown great interest to invest in the country and noted that the level of trade between The Netherlands and Ghana is one of the highest in Africa.


Speaking during the presentation of the letters of credence by the Malaysian High Commissioner, President Kufuor said the relations between Ghana and Malaysia are cordial and expressed the hope that such cordiality will be strengthened to become more productive and beneficial to the two countries. The Malaysian High Commissioner, Mr Alias, said he is looking forward to enhanced relations between the two countries.

President Kufuor commended the Libyan President Mummar Al-Qathafi for his role and contribution towards the promotion of good relations between Libya and other African countries.

He said he is appreciative of the friendship and co-operation of the Libyan leader towards him and the Ghana Government.

The Libyan Ambassador, Mr Gamudi, pledged his commitment to work towards mutually beneficial relationship between Libya and Ghana.

Source: Graphic