Fluctuating commodity prices at major markets in Tema

Sun, 18 Jul 2021 Source: GNA

Commodity prices at major markets in Tema have become unpredictable since the onset of the rainy season.

While some of the traders blamed the trend to scarcity of the foodstuffs others are blaming the fluctuations on poor roads that were impeding the transportation of the goods from the farming communities to marketing centres.

Prices of some foodstuff keep on swinging every week making it difficult for consumers to predict and budget for it, a market survey conducted in major markets in Tema has established.

The weekly GNA-Tema market survey conducted in major markets in Tema at the weekend revealed that while the prices of some commodities recorded a reduction during the current week as against the previous week, others saw a marginal increase.

While in some markets, foodstuff prices remained the same others dropped marginally as compared to the last week in June.

The markets visited included: Ashaiman, Tema Community One, Seven, Nine, Texpo, Kpone, and Ada.

At the Ashaiman market, traders attributed the high prices of commodities to the unfavourable weather conditions, which affected farmers’ output therefore putting pressure on traders to increase prices.

Some traders said, a sack of Pepper moved up from GHS 400.00 last week to GHS 530.00 this week, Garden eggs remained at GHS 200.00 per sack, Okro pegged at GHS 140.00 per basket, Cabbage pegged at GHS 1,000.00 per sack, and Green Pepper price moved from GHS 120.00 last week to GHS 150.00 this week.

The prices of Carrot remained at GHS 180.00, but Ginger moved from GHS 400.00 last week to GHS 800.00 this week, Onions from GHS 600.00 last week to GHS 800.00 this week; and a sack of palm nut also moved from GHS 140.00 to GHS 160.00 this week.

Meanwhile a bag of Millet is still pegged at GHS 380.00; Cowpea at GHS 450.00, Soya Beans GHS 440.00, Beans however moved from GHS 650.00 last week to GHS 1,000.00 this week,while Maize price also moved from GHS 480.00 last week to GHC500.00 this week; Gari stayed at GHS 800.00; Groundnut also stayed at GHS 750.00 and rice ranged from GHS 260.00, GHS 275.00, and GHS 290.00 depending on the type.

A tuber of yam ranged from GHS 8.00, to GHS 14 00, Cassava moved from GHS 100.00 last week to GHS 250.00 per sack this week depending on the type, Cocoyam also moved from GHS 450.00 last week to GHS 500.00 per sack this week and a bunch of unripe plantain moved from GHS 50.00 last week to GHS 70.00 this week.

A carton of fish pegged at GHS 400.00; and Tuna price however moved from GHS 200.00 last week to GHS 500.00 this week; and a crate of tomatoes also moved from GH1, 300.00 to GHS 1,400 this week for the local and GHS 1,800.00 to GHS 2, 000.00 for the foreign ones.

At the Tema Community Nine and Seven markets a sack of Carrots that previously cost GHS 160.00 now cost GHS 250.00; five pieces of Onion cost GHS10.00; sack of cabbage GHS 100.00; and sack of table salt GHS 120.00.

Source: GNA