Africa News Sun, 2 Jan 2022

Flying 3D fire dragons, diving hologram whales, here’s how China welcomed 2022

Countries mark the New Year

Tientsin Tower displays lights for New Year

Dragon holograms mark celebration of China's New Year display

Before the explosive fireworks that lined the skies of China, a countdown from 5 and the excitements on the faces of onlookers, as well as all others who watched them from screens, this power-house country surely had a magical plan to welcome the New Year 2022.

With more than enough lights ready to give people an unforgettable spectacle and an experience of 3D displays, the Tientsin Tower, a modern supertall skyscraper located in the Heping District of Tianjin, China, let down creativity that has left many spell-bound.

From the skyline sea that was formed from holograms, the fishes swimming in it, and a huge whale that splashed into the sea, the signature fire dragon of China that lighted up the sky, and that rocket that took off the ground even though none of that was real, the exciting sounds from everyone in the background confirmed all the beauty this welcome of the New Year was.

And there was even more.

See it all here:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com