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Foiled Industrial Area bullion van robbery: What we know so far

Bullion Van Armoured Attack Bulled riddled bullion van

Wed, 23 Feb 2022 Source:

Police foil attack on bullion van

Three people injured in the attack

Injured persons receiving treatment at Korle-Bu

One of the major security incidents last year was a bullion van robbery incident that claimed the life of a Police escort and a woman in a nearby shop, who was victim to a stray bullet from the gun of the robbers.

Then on, the Police administration took steps to engage all stakeholders to avert a recurrence of the same with one of the key recommendations being the requirement for all cash deposit institutions needing police protection to use bulletproof bullion vans.

Roll on the months, an attack was staged at the Industrial area in Accra and luckily the Police managed to foil the attack.

GhanaWeb pieces together what we know so far about the incident

1 – The incident took place specifically at the North Industrial area.

2 – The robbers fired directly at the driver and passenger windows of the armoured bullion van operated by Mon Trans services.

Police noted that the armed nature of the van, “saved the lives of the officials and the police officer on board the vehicle, even though the robbers fired into the van.”

3 – They failed to have access to the occupants and fired indiscriminately in a crowd as they fled. Police confirmed that they are being pursued by anti-robbery teams.

4 – It took an officer who was nearby to force the robbers to abandon the mission after they failed to access the occupants of the van. “…a police officer who was on duty nearby forcefully intervened to stop the robbery,” a police statement noted.

5 – A police statement disclosed that three people had sustained injuries as a result of the attack. “The Inspector-General of Police has spoken to the medical team at the hospital and the victims and assured them of the needed support,” the statement said.

Police also reiterated the need for requisite equipment for cash transit service stating this: “It has therefore become necessary to re-echo the Police Administration’s call for all financial institutions in the country to resort to the use of such fit for purpose vehicles for their cash in transit activities.”

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