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Sat, 14 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Hygiene permits of East Legon branch of Marwako had expired before food poisoning occurred - FDA

Marwako restaurant branch in La didn’t have hygiene permit - FDA

Marwako takes responsibility for food poisoning of customers

Some customers of Marwako restaurant took to Twitter to complain about suspected food poisoning regarding some food they had consumed from the popular eatery.

The customers complained of having stomach upsets, a situation which led the Food and Drug Authority, FDA, to shut down two branches of the restaurant.

A statement issued Friday, May 13 by the FDA, said the authority in collaboration with the Ayawaso West Municipal Assembly, suspended all activities of the Abelemkpe branch of Marwarko restaurant in addition to the East Legon branch as part of the ongoing investigations on the suspected food poisoning incidence.

"The La branch of Marwarko has also been closed. As part of its investigations, the Authority has also visited Yeboah and Del hospitals, both in East Legon, for more information on the reported cases of the suspected food poisoning.

"The Authority's Centre for Laboratory Services and Research has taken relevant samples for further analysis to establish the cause of the food poisoning. As stated in our earlier notice, all necessary actions are being taken including revisiting all branches of the Marwarko restaurants to establish the extent of the incidence in order for corrective actions to be initiated to prevent any further harm to the public," the FDA further noted.

Aside from the food poisoning situation which is the latest crisis to rock Mawarko, there is one other incident that Ghanaians cannot forget, thus, the abuse of staff at the eatery.

Marwako restaurant Supervisor abuses Ghanaian female employee

A female employee of the Marwako restaurant in March 2017, was allegedly assaulted by a Lebanese supervisor for fidgeting with a blender and working slowly.

The accused, Jihad Thaabn, 26, a brother-in-law of the owner of the Marwako restaurant, was said to have angrily grabbed the neck of the victim and dipped her face into blended pepper, which he had poured onto a table.

The victim, Evelyn Boakye, whose face was rubbed in the blended pepper for more than 10 minutes while Thaabn squeezed her neck and yelled abusive words on her, had to cry for help as she pleaded with Thaabn to let her go.

Three other employees who were present as their colleague was being maltreated were said to have looked on helplessly due to threats from the supervisor to dismiss anyone who came close.

Narrating her ordeal to the Daily Graphic, Evelyn Boakye, said although she had been employed to work in the rice department, she was occasionally asked to help in other departments where more hands were needed.

On Sunday, February 26, 2017, Evelyn said she was asked to help in the Full Chicken Department, where she was instructed to blend fresh pepper for the seasoning of the chicken.

After blending the first set, Evelyn, realising that the sound of the blender was not normal, decided to find out what the problem could be by turning off the start knob.

She said Thaabn suddenly appeared behind her and started shouting at her for attempting to destroy the blender.

“He suddenly poured the pepper I had blended on the table and grabbed by head and rubbed my face in it. I tried to free myself as the pepper went into my eyes and I couldn’t stand the burning sensation in my face; but he wouldn’t let me go,” Evelyn Boakye said.

Locked up

She noted, when she was finally freed, she struggled to find her way to a sink and tried to wash her face and eyes under running water with the help of some of her colleagues.

While she was washing her face, Thaabn grabbed her again and locked her up in one of the rooms in the restaurant, while her eyes were still hurting.

She said her colleagues were also prevented from rescuing her.

After shouting for help to no avail, Evelyn Boakye said she was finally released from the room after more than six hours of being locked up and warned not to report the incident to the police.

After two days, the victim, who was still in pain, said she reported the incident to the Tesano Police who took her statement and gave her a medical form to go to hospital.

“I feel there is a sore in my eyes, it’s like there is sand in my eyes and I can’t watch television or light. I am in pain and I have to bear all my medical bills by myself,” Evelyn Boakye said at the time.

She also noted that her colleagues at the restaurant had also refused to provide witness statements to the police following a threat from the management to terminate the appointment of anyone who would do so.


An Abeka District Court on Wednesday, August 2, 2017, convicted Jihad Thaabn to nine months in prison for assault.

Thaabn was found guilty by the court presided over by Victoria Ghansah.

He was charged with assault and causing harm.

The trial judge handed him 6 months in prison for assault and 9 months for causing harm for both to run concurrently.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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