Food vendors in Bolgatanga wail over low sales, as butchers lay down tools

Bolgatanga Butchers 1.jpeg The butchers are protesting the relocation of the abatoire to Yorgo

Mon, 24 Jan 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from Upper East:

Food vendors in Bolgatanga are currently in the worst of times, as butchers within the Municipality have ceased operations, following the closure of the abattoir.

It would be recalled that butchers within the Municipality were directed to relocate to a community called Yorgo, where a new abattoir has been built for them.

The directive did not go down well with them as they were of the view that the place is far from town, which will make their operations cost-intensive.

They have consequently withdrawn their services.

Some eatery operators within the Bolgatanga central market spoke to Ghanaweb's Upper East Regional Correspondent, Sarah Dubure, regarding how the development was affecting them.

An eatery operator, Madam Rebecca, whose joint was empty at the time of visit, complained that the situation is massively affecting sales.

" Just look at how empty the place is. It is not always like this at all. The customers do not come again because there is no meat. They don't like the cold store chicken". She said.

A restaurant operator, Mr. Sulley Miles, lamented that the strike action is affecting them badly.

"When they come, majority of them will just say give me small or they will just walk away. If they intended to buy more because there is no meat, they buy less," he told GhanaWeb.

He further observed that though they have other alternatives like fish, eggs and sausages served with the meals, the majority preferred meat.

He added that they usually kill either a cow or two for their operations, and would have done just that if they were pre-informed about the current situation.

" We will always kill a full cow at times two cows, then we store them in the fridge, but currently because they didn't pre-informed us, we were not aware . Currently we have ran out of meat". He stated.

He intimated that they were considering ordering the meat from either Navrongo or Tamale, adding that it will come at a high cost.

Another eatery operator, madam Diana Atiah, also complained that the situation has driven their customers away because they leave anytime they come and there is no meat.

"I bought the ingredients on credit to prepare the food, sell and pay off my debtors. As they are not buying, how will I get the money to pay the debt? They will just be insulting me, thinking that I don't want to pay, meanwhile, I haven't eaten. I am sitting, but not sitting (uneasiness)," she pointed.

She called on the District Assembly to please negotiate with the butchers so that they can bounce back to work.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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