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Former President Mahama vacates official residence

Former President John Dramani Mahama has vacated his official Cantoments residence. The house in which Mr Mahama lived as Vice-President and later as President has been earmarked by the state as the official residence for vice presidents.

Sources close to the former administration confirmed to the Daily Graphic that the former Chief of Staff, Mr Julius Debrah, signed a report of an inventory conducted in the residence by officials of the administration and the Public Works Department (PWD) yesterday morning to signify the official handing over of the house.

Security personnel at post in the house confirmed that Mr Mahama had packed out of the house, but could not tell exactly when he did.

Media personnel who were at the residence of Mr Mahama to observe a tour by the PWD and some officials of the past administration to authenticate the inventory report, were denied the opportunity.

The PWD officials and the officers of the past administration, including Mr Debrah also declined to speak to journalists after the inventory tour.



The Daily Graphic observed that security around the house which hitherto was very tight was a bit more relaxed.

It was also observed that people and vehicles used the street in front of the house as a thorough fare without having to go through the hitherto strict scrutiny, because neither a president nor a vice president was currently living in it.

However, security presence was felt as security personnel where still at post discharging their duties.

As part of the security measures there, the journalists who were allowed to enter the house were screened to be sure they had not taken any photographs within or without the premises.

The immediate vicinity of the house has been marked as a security zone.



Mr Mahama is reported to have made a request to keep the official house in which he was living as his retirement home, which was declined by the government.

The house in which Mr Mahama lived as Vice-President and later as President has been earmarked by the state as the official residents for vice presidents.

The Transition Act, Section 10 of the law requires the President and the Vice-President to vacate their official residence a day before the inauguration of a new president.

However, he is entitled to a retirement home.

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