General News Mon, 30 Sep 2013

Frustrated Tony Aidoo decries neglect of office

The Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation at the Office of the President, Dr. Tony Aidoo Monday said his office has not been functional since the death of President John Mills.

Sounding rather frustrated, he wondered if the office was created for the sole purpose of thanking him, for he said the office has lacked the sort of collaboration and support it enjoyed when it was created, a period during which he still lamented the poor quality information he was fed to work with.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii sen programme, he told show host KABA, that the disclosures he was making, including the non-payment of salaries for his staffers for a period of six months, were not issues he would ordinarily put out in the public domain.

The salary arrears has since been paid, but he said even though he received scanty information that also lacked quality during the period leading to July 2012 when Professor Mills died, the information “has completely stopped coming.


It is as if, oh Professor Mills created that office just to thank Dr. Tony Aidoo, which is something that I find very, very unfortunate.”

Dr. Aidoo was explaining his recent comments in the media expressing misgivings about what he said was an apparent disinterest by the government in pursuing with the objective of retrieving sums deemed to have been paid wrongfully to individuals and institutions as judgement debts.

“People have something to hide, at all the levels of the public service and at the levels of the political oversight. And people can always hide things if they don’t give you the information and that is what has happened.”

Source: graphic.com