Funny face details how Range Rover gift started his woes

Funny Face And Delay.png Funny Face on the Delay Show

Mon, 4 Apr 2022 Source: 3news.com

Ghanaian comedian Funny Face had a rough ending last year, 2021 as he struggled with mental illness. And this is what he had to say about the genesis of his superficial lifestyle and how it fuelled his depression episodes.

Funny Face had his first sit-down interview after recovering from his nervous breakdown with Delay. He revealed how the Range Rover he received from Adebayor affected his life.

“When the Range came, it was like a shock to me. And I remember that I slept in the car the first day it arrived. At that time, the poverty syndrome was still in play, so that mentality was there. I remember I thought the car would disappear. I didn’t believe that Yaw Boateng is in a Range… That was where I mounted pressure on myself.

“This is where the whole thing started. Living to impress people is very wrong. Making people believe you have when you don’t is very wrong. And it’s affecting most of the youth.”

According to Funny Face, he was determined to prove himself worthy of such a luxury car that he made damning sacrifices to his finances and wellbeing. He shared how he spent lavishly on fuel expenses until he had almost nothing in his bank accounts.

“That time, as you said, I was featuring in Chorkor trotro, and Range expenses were very high. I heard Ghanaians saying that I can’t afford fuel for the car. I said, ‘Me, I can’t buy fuel? I will prove these people wrong.’ So I withdrew all the money from my bank account. Then everywhere I say, ‘Who said I can’t buy fuel? Give me Gh500. Then it got to a time, I was running low on cash, so when I go they say, ‘Funny. I say yes, give me Gh50,” Funny Face disclosed.

Funny Face also apologised to those he insulted and slandered during his manic episodes. He sent a heartfelt apology to his victims in hopes that they excuse his words, which was borne out of illness.

Currently, Funny Face is working towards regaining the love of Ghanaians and his name as the children’s president.

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Source: 3news.com
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