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GJA poll: I'm still in the GJA race, I have not stepped down - Lloyd Evans

Mr Lloyd Evans, a presidential candidate in Friday's Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) national election has denied that he has stepped down from the contest following the circulation of a message on social media indicating that he has thrown his support for his opponent.

In a statement, issued by the Campaign Director, Boahene Asamoah, Mr Evans assure his supporter to "disregard the propaganda."

Below is the statement from the Lloyd Evans Campaign Team.

The attention of Team Lloyd has been drawn to a propaganda publication from the camp of the losing incumbent team alleging that Lloyd Evans has stepped down from the GJA Elections contest scheduled for tomorrow.

We wish to assure all our supporters across the length and breadth of the country to disregard this piece of propaganda.


Lloyd Evans has not stepped down to support any candidate.

Team Lloyd is not surprised at the last minute gasp to win the elections at all cost whether fair or foul. This piece of propaganda goes to show how desperate the incumbent president will go to perpetuate himself and his maladministration.

We have witnessed how the incumbent aided by the GJA Secretariat has embarked on a rigging scheme to change the will of the people at the last hour.

We therefore urge all our polling agents throughout the country to be vigilant at the polls to ensure that the planned rigging of the polls tomorrow by last minute inserting of new names who are not even journalists is thwarted.

We further urge all journalists to vote to change the incompetence and gross abuse of the GJA constitution that has characterized the current administration.


Change is here. Vote for Team Lloyd, Vote for a positive change of GJA.

Boahene Asamoah

National Campaign Director

Team Lloyd

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