Ghana Police commence ‘Operation PAARI’ to deal with indiscipline by motor riders

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Fri, 8 Apr 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Police to prosecute, name and shame indiscipline motor riders

Motorcycles are the leading cause of road accident related deaths, Police

Police to deploy riders with body cameras to monitor the conduct of riders

The Ghana Police Service has commenced an outdoor action dubbed ‘Operation PAARI’ to help curb the menace of indiscipline by motor riders on roads across the country.

According to the police, Operation PAARI (Police Action Against Rider Indiscipline) is a multiple module initiative that aims to aggressively deal with indiscipline by motor riders.

In a press release dated April 7, 2022, the police said that the operation is necessary because data available to them show that motorcycles are the main cause of road accident related deaths and the second major cause of road accidents injuries.

“Indiscipline among motorcycle users on our roads manifested in riding through red traffic lights, the non-wearing of crash helmets and general disregard for road traffic regulations has become the major cause of road traffic accidents in the country.

“… the first component (of Operation PAARI) which has been rolled out involves the deployment of teams of Police riders with body cameras to monitor the conduct of riders at major intersections and other strategic locations. The teams will follow offending riders and arrest them at convenient and safe locations. Such riders will be prosecuted, named and shamed,” the statement by the police said.

The police urged the public, particularly motorcycle riders, to cooperate with them by observing road traffic regulations.

Read the full statement by the Police below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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