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Ghana Stands the Risk of Motorbike Bombing

between July and September – Reverend Kasim

By Abdallah Kassim

I used to be a devout Muslim, until I came across Reverend Sumani Abdul-Kasim. I run a small but result-driven development communications NGO in Tamale. In 2007, I was appointed the CEO of Real Tamale United. Amazingly, my life turned round for the worse. Nothing was working right for me. My NGO was starved of funding and it was only kept going through intermittent consultancies.

Then a friend told me about Rev. Kasim and his divine exploits. How he was an Alhaji-turned-Christian and is being used by God to salvage people. At first I hesitated. I said to myself: how can I, a Muslim, consult a Christian for the solution of my predicaments? But the gravity of my situation urged me on to attend one of his fellowships at the Tamale Sports Stadium.

Lo and behold! Come and see this Alhaji-turned-Pastor performing miracles in the name of Jesus Christ: demon-filled women and girls, boys and men, Muslims and Christians all being delivered and prophesied to.

Later, I sought audience with Rev. Kasim and he counseled me about my predicament and advised me to give my life to Christ and see the changes that would occur in my life. I did and I don’t regret it ever!

Rev. Kasim’s prophesies are spot on. He prophesied, among others, the death of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, the floods that hit Indonesia some months back, the death of the former Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama and the burning of churches in Nigeria – all came to pass.

In February this year, he told his congregants that Ghana will experience a spate of fires: this is happening at the moment. According to Rev. Kasim, 80% of the fires that have occurred, so far, are the work of arsonists.

At the last fellowship in Tamale on 29th June 2013, he prophesied that the spate of fires that have engulfed markets in Ghana and other places will soon spread to government institutions, especially the Ministries area in Accra.

He said between July and September 2013, the arsonists will resort to the use of motorbikes to cause further fires and kill people.

“They will stripe explosives to motorbikes, ride them to crowded places, especially the Ministries in Accra, and abandon them. The explosives will detonate and cause massive destruction and deaths.”

Rev. Kasim cautioned that motorbikes should be restricted at the premises of the Ministries.

However, he said, “God reveals to redeem”, so with sustained prayers, God could avert this impending catastrophe.

Rev. Kasim is the head of The Anointing Garden of Christ Ministries (TAGOCM), based in Tamale. All his prophesies have come to pass.

TAGOCM is the new thing happening in Tamale at the moment. The Ministry has taken Tamale by storm and is delivering, healing and prophesying the lives of its congregants and events of the world at large.

Rev. Kasim was once known as Alhaji Kasim, a devout Muslim who was fond of persecuting Christians while studying at the University for Development Studies, Tamale. But as fate would have it, after bouts of ill-health and death-threatening ailments, he had a visitation from angels while on admission at the 37 Military Hospital.

The angels told him he would not die but live to serve God in a different way. Thereafter he had visions in which he was delivering and healing people. Initially he did not take the visitations serious as he wondered how as a Muslim he could become a Christian overnight. It is impossible, he told himself.

But then, as the visitations persisted, he could bear it no longer and decided to consult a prominent pastor in Accra. The pastor explained the implications of the visitations and advised Rev. Kasim to obey the calling from God. Not quite sure of himself, Rev. Kasim travelled to Nigeria to consult a very popular Prophet.

The Prophet confirmed the earlier revelation and advised Kasim to enroll for bible study to become a full-time pastor. Today, the Holy Spirit has manifested in Rev. Kasim and is using him to perform divine wonders in Tamale.

Rev. Kasim lives in Takoradi and commutes to Tamale for fellowship at the end of every month, at the Tamale Sports Stadium.

The author is the Executive Director, Rural Media Network, Tamale

Columnist: Kassim, Alabani

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