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Ghana does not need a political manifesto now – Economist

Economist, Dr. Sam Worlanyo has said that Ghana does not need a political manifesto during these times.

He stated this ahead of the launch of the 2020 manifesto of the National Democratic Congress.

Speaking exclusively to UniversNews, Dr. Sam Worlanyo indicated that what the country needs now “is a strong robust national development planning tool which I think the various political parties can rely on the policies and programmes design drawn by the National development planning commission.”

According to Dr. Worlanyo, the country needs significant development in some sectors which will help in economic development.

He also highlighted that government must place a huge focus on unemployment, Agric sectors, Industrialization, Infrastructure, education, and Cost of living.

Speaking on the issue of unemployment, Dr. Worlanyo stated that “we can take advantage of developing local technology and that of the Agric sector thus going into Agric business, pharmaceuticals, industrialization in terms of developing and manufacturing local Agric inputs and this alone could have created much more employment opportunities for the youth”.

Further speaking on unemployment, he stated that most of the policies concerning the creation of jobs have been politicized than prioritizing job creation.

“More than 10 million Ghanaians are unemployed and so creating the right platform and enabling the environment and having sustainable energy, so it is about creating the enabling environment, and providing the basic necessities that will help Ghanaians to be able to create their own jobs taking up the vocational and technical works serious”.

Speaking on the issue of free primary healthcare for Ghanaians, Dr. Worlanyo stated that the country’s health system has been poor for some time now.

“We can build multinational health centres across the country, if not in every region at least looking at the south, north, central, east and the west and be able to attract a lot more people from other neighbouring countries who will greatly patronize this. So we should be able to invest much more resources into such a field in terms of equipment and machinery.”
Source: universnewsroom.com
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