General News Thu, 23 May 2019

Ghana risks losing over 28,000 historical files over preservation challenges

The Public Records and Archives Administration Department in the Central Region says the region risks losing about 28,600 historical documents over preservation challenges.

The Regional Head of the department, Gregory Septimus Setse, said if urgent steps are not taken to repair these deteriorating documents “we stand a chance to lose our memory as a nation.”

Speaking to Citi News Mr. Setse also complained that their air-conditioning facility is malfunctioning.

The lack of funds is making it difficult for the department to purchase materials for the preservation of the historical documents.

Mr. Setse said the department may be forced to quarantine these historical documents until such a time that they are put to proper shape for accessibility.

“We may lose our memory as a region and as a state and posterity will judge us,” the Regional Head said.

The Public Records and Archives Administration Department (PRAAD) came into existence by a Legislative Instrument No 1628 of 1996 and the PRAAD Act 535 of 1997, which mandated PRAAD to oversee to the proper and effective management of records in all public institutions throughout the country.

“It is the national institution authorized to ensure standards in records and information management in public organization in Ghana but the institution is faced with a lot of challenges that are making it difficult for us to carry out that mandate,” he added.

According to the PRAAD boss, there are a lot of measures needed to retool the department.

The building he said needs renovation to prevent leakage on parts of the walls when it rains.

Again, the means of transport to carry out effective records survey and acquisition of records has become a big challenge for the department.

“We also don’t have basic things such as internet facility, adequate computers and accessories, air condition, humidifiers, exhibition panels, and map cabinets to help us discharge our duties,” the PRAAD boss said.

He also called on Non-government organizations, and other donor agencies to support the department with basic things to help in them discharge their duties.

“We want to appeal to organizations and well-meaning Ghanaians to support the department with equipment to help us function,” Mr. Setse added.

Source: citinewsroom.com