Opinions Sun, 11 Sep 2011

Ghana’s Recognition Of Lybian NTC

I read with disgust Ghana’s recognition of the National Transitional Council of Libya. And while level-headed Africans are still fuming with anger over this blind move, we cannot but imagine who is leading Ghana today.

They are dumb, stupid and simply not fit to lead Ghana, Africa’s democratic beacon of hope. For if the many Africans who perished in Libya brings no tears to their eyes, nor waves of patriotism rising to their heads, as with most of us, then they are western puppets – who only seek to wine and dine in high places, while their babies die of starvation and preventable diseases in the heart of Africa. They got no shame.

Right from the beginning of the unrest in Libya, the African Union sprang up to action to avoid the blood shed we’ve just witnessed. Swiftly they tried to engage the Libyan government and the rebels, but to our dismay their efforts was thwarted and their role scolded as a sham, too corrupt to mediate between the warring factions.

In their selfish bid to control the wealth of Libya, western countries discredited the African Union and shamed us all as Africans – even as they incited short-sighted Arabs to fight blackness in our own world. The African youth must stand up! Because, with leaders like John Evans Atta Mills in power, the African Union would always be bullied into submission by the evil of those who seek our demise.

Listening to the slanderous United Nations, our leadership failed to make an impact in Libya. While the problem lies in Libya, they left the shores of Africa for Britain and America seeking solutions to our problems. What happened to African creativity? Why can’t we hold our own turf? Why do we accept the shameful crown and ill fate of being beggars international? Is this how our ancestors thrived in their time?


While the vestiges of slavery, colonization, apatite and mercenary activities endure in Africa, the last thing we want is to accept another wave of western indirect rule through the shady hands of the United Nations. In fact, with what the United Nations has become, Africa is better of not being a member. Simply because it has become a rubber stamp for the evil of the world’s richest nations. And if that is the case, why present ourselves to become sacrificial lambs of exploitation?

While Gadhafi had his misgivings in African circles, since when has it been passable to support a rebel force against a government of the people? Besides, what becomes of his government was solely the business of the people of Libya and the African Union.

We are Africans and anyone who steps on our toes should pay through the nose. In addition, neither the United Nations nor NATO have jurisdiction in Africa, therefore; they waged an illegal war against Africa’s soul by venturing into Libya and should be made to pay through the nose for spilling innocent African blood.

From Rwanda, Liberia, Congo, Northern Uganda, Darfur and even beyond, we have watched the United Nations glaringly pave the way for innocent Africans to die, yet many African politicians are not learning a lesson from this evil empire clad in humanitarianism.

Consequently, Africans are in a state of political imbalance, insecurity and grinding poverty because our leadership keep listening to the command of the United Nations, the western world and the Arab League. And the question is; do we need them to survive and thrive in African circles? I say; no, we don’t need them!


When will Africa be free? She will be free, when Africans stop electing mind numb puppets as political leaders of our course. Now is the time to let them know that we have had enough of their evil drive against us and will make them pay for it.

Written by: Francis Aka-ebila Aka-eri

Author of: Ripples of African Civilization

Columnist: Aka-eri, Francis Aka-ebila