GhanaWeb Poll: Over 65% of respondents against EC's decision to use only Ghana Card for voters’ register

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Fri, 12 Aug 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Over 65 per cent of participants in a poll conducted by GhanaWeb oppose the decision of the Electoral Commission (EC) to use only the Ghana Card as the required document for a limited voters' registration exercise it is about to embark on for the 2024 elections.

The poll, which asked readers of GhanaWeb whether they support the decision of the EC to use only the Ghana Card for voters' registration, was conducted from August 8 to August 10 and had 2,574 people participating in it.

Out of the total number, 1,691 respondents, representing more than 60 per cent of the participants, said they are against the commission's decision to use only the Ghana Card for the registration.

Most of the respondents who are against the EC's decision argued that using the Ghana Card would lead to many eligible voters being disenfranchised because of the current difficulty with acquiring the Ghana Card.

"This will take many people's right to vote because not all Ghanaians have the Ghana card," one respondent said.

"If we choose to bastardize the other identity documents just to depend on the Ghana Card, which has its fair share of challenges, we will be doing ourselves a lot of disservice. If we believe the Ghana Card is that authentic, then we need not compile an electoral register again because it will be a duplication of works; let's just use the Ghana Card then for our elections purposes," another respondent said.

However, some 823 respondents, representing about 32 per cent of the total participants, indicated that they support the EC's decision to use only the Ghana Card.

Most of these people argue that those saying not every person can acquire the Ghana Card before the registration are wrong because there is ample time for people to get the card before the registration commences.

"Yes! LI 2111 of 2012 passed by the NDC majority in Section 7{1}{j} makes it MANDATORY for the EC to use ONLY the Ghana Card for voter registration," another respondent said.

Sixty participants, representing less than 3 per cent of the 2,574 respondents, asserted that they were indifferent to the EC's decision.

"Whether using only Ghana card for voter registration or not does not put food on anyone's table. The public purse has been overprotected for long by Mr. President and his economic soldier Mr. Mahamudu Bawumia. Let's concentrate on that one for now. Stop disturbing people's ears with this Ghana Card issue. Where was Ghana Card since 1957? Why should Ghana Card be the sole document for voda registration? If one doesn't call diz dubious plan; den what will one call diz?" an indifferent respondent questioned.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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