General News Sun, 15 Jul 2018

Ghanaian boys use cassava to generate electricity

Two brothers from the Eastern Region of Ghana, James and Kwesi Ansah have discovered a new way of producing electricity using waste from cassava.

Electricity generated from the root vegetable can power radios and mobile phones in their village.

According to the brothers, they decided to find a way to provide cost-effective electricity for people within their community when they realised that most people couldn't afford what the nation provides.

"People found it difficult to have simple electricity so we decided “let’s find a solution that we can use to cassava to create electricity," Kwesi told BBC.

Displaying the process they go through, the two explained that they grind the cassava with some items then pour the mixture into a bowl which contains a copper electrode.

They tell the reporter that “We’ve come to realise that the cassava juice, we can use the waste ones to produce electricity to reduce the cost of hydroelectric power”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com