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Ghetto life, drugs and money-making - Nima boys bare it all

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Thu, 8 Jul 2021 Source:

Life is what you make it and this is the notion with which some youth in Nima live their lives.

They live in various parts of the Nima community in Accra but usually meet up at the ‘ghetto’ to hustle and make money for themselves among other things.

GhanaWeb’s Wonder Ami Hagan caught up with some youth living in one of Nima’s famous ghettos; 'Gorillas', to find out what goes on there.

Cattle and sheep could be seen lined up at the entrance into the place, with an area for plastic waste and another with pens for more cattle.

In one corner of the Gorrillas ghetto, a group of young men had gathered, for various reasons.

A conversation with them revealed that some of these young men were businessmen who owned these animals and operated farms.

Yes, they smoke weed! That, they admitted to but they were very clear when they noted that misconceptions that all ghetto youth engage in criminal activities are wrong.

Horace who has a number of cattle and sheep and owns a transport company noted that he decided to venture into the business upon completion of Senior High School after getting inspiration from some of the world’s businessmen.

“It all depends on the brain; you have to use your brain. I sat down and decided to research about the billionaires and millionaires in the world and I saw that most of them were businessmen. They do business on their own and they are able to make it in life and so I decided to also venture into business,” he said.

Another who calls himself Musah M.P admitted to smoking weed but noted that he ensures that people who come to the area do not engage in criminal activities.

“I smoke weed to soak my pressure. I am the first son and there’s a lot of pressure on me since I lost my father. When I take weed, I become calm then I know how to talk to my mother and sisters,” he said.

He however added, “I don’t support bad things, I will sack you, if you come into my ghetto and you misbehave; you engage in armed robbery, cocaine, I’ll sack you. I live here with my family, if I am bad, my people will not support me. I only smoke, I don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to me.”

Others are musicians who are nurturing their talent and trying to break through the music market with their art.

They gave various narrations of the ‘ghetto life’ in this video:

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