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Gidisu Rapaciously Doubled The Price Of The BMW

Minister Joe Gidisu Rapaciously Doubled The Price Of The BMW 740Li.

According to the information picked by the Republic newspaper reveals, the Minister Joe Gidisu, Minister for Road and Highways and Member of Parliament (MP) for Central Tongu constituency bought a BMW saloon car at a total amount of $166,000 including VAT.

Sources at the Ministry, stated that Hon. Joe Gidisu took advantage of a governmental convention which requires ministries to provide vehicles for the use of their Ministers and instructed the Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) an agency under his ministry to acquire the insupportable and improvident high class limousine car at the expense of the Ghanaian Tax payers.

In a document sighted by the Republic addressed to the Engineer's representative by the Deputy Project Manager of AO Road Project, Zou Man Yang the contractor claim the total amount of $166.978.47 (One Hundred and Sixty Six Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy Eight U.S Dollar and Forty seven Cent) to be paid back in the our IPC from items A221.1 and A221.2 of Box in the contract. Copies of official receipts on the alleged deal involving the Minister of Roads and Highways Hon. Joe Gidisu through his agent at Mechanical Lloyd and later insured at the Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd for a year gave the following specifications on the BMW 740Li as follows;

-Chassis number WBAKB41070C633051


-base price $139.396.31 ?VAT $17,424.54 ?NHIL $3,484.91 ?Total Invoice Value $160.305.76

Both the Minister and the Deputy Project Manager of AO Road Project, Zou Man Yang the contractor who claimed the total amount of $166.978.47 for the car must be dragged to the court for cheating Ghana Government by doubling the basic price of the BMW 740 Li. from $72.00 to $139.00. The price of the BMW 740Li is ranging between $72.500 and $85.000 in the USA.


PRICE STARTS AT : $71,025 (USA) BMW has released U.S. pricing information for the 2011 740i and 740Li.

Set to become the first six-cylinder 7-Series (in America), the 740i and 740Li are powered by a twin-turbo 3.0-liter in-line-six. Packing 315 horsepower and 330 ft-lb of torque, the engine should allow the 740i to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds (6.0 seconds for the 740Li).


Available this spring, the 740i will start at $71,025 while the 740Li will be priced from $75,425 (both prices include an $875 destination charge). For comparison, the V8-powered 750i starts at $83,875 and the 750Li goes for $87,775 (both prices include an $875 destination charge and a $1,000 gas guzzler tax). Source: BMW USA

Read more: http://www.worldcarfans.com/110011223949/2011-bmw-740i--740li-pricing-announced.

The rapacious Minister of Road and Highway, Joe Gidisu has not even completed constructing a single road but purchasing exorbitant and inexpedient luxury car at a greedy and cheating price.

FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg - Germany)

Columnist: Tawiah, Francis