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Gifty Anti is the senior house mistress of all feminists - A Plus


Sun, 5 Jun 2022 Source:

A Plus lambasts feminists

A Plus insists men and women are not equal

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Media personality cum political activist, Kwame A Plus has failed to provide a specific reference to why he has consistently accused veteran broadcaster Gifty Anti of casting men as useless in her 'feminist' advocacy.

According to A Plus, his views on Gifty Anti were based on impressions that he picked from the view points that she advocated on her TV show, The Stand Point.

He stated on the June 4 edition of UTV’s United Showbiz programme that Gifty Anti was the only example that readily came to mind of women who have such extreme feminist ideologies that seek to run down men.

Quizzed by a co-panelists about why he was seemingly picking on Gifty Anti, he stated that "she is the senior house mistress of all feminists in Ghana."

When pushed by fellow panelists on the show hosted by Bulldog, he defended: “Give me someone to make an example of. The example I am privy to is what I talk about. Please give me another example.

“It (views on Gifty Anti) is not an attack, I said, she has deceived young girls. Am I to go and fetch her shows and cut them (portions) to represent her specific views on particular days?

“I used to watch her shows a lot and the impression I got and I stated clearly that she created the impression that a man was useless in a woman’s life, that women did not need men. I said she created an impression, I didn’t say she said A or B, C, D.

“I said she created an impression that men are not even important but when she got a husband, she had a three-day wedding and gave herself the title, Oheneryere,” he stressed.

Co-panelists Ola Michael, Amanda Jissih, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo disagreed with him that it was not enough to fail to cite concrete evidence but yet go ahead to publicly lash out at someone.

A Plus over the past two weeks has slammed Gift Anti for her feminist standpoints which he says has caused young ladies to disrespect men, yet when she found a man of honour she enjoyed a three-day wedding and took on a title ‘Oheneyere’ – i.e. wife of a chief.

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